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Thanks [Feb. 2nd, 2004|02:03 pm]


The success of Bear in Winter relied on many people. Michael, Christy, and Susannah for all their writing; Chrisber for costumes, research, and his invaluable help with the props and set, Chris Hatty for his help on just about everything (including keeping us all sane) and his wonderful Tsar, and Christy and Leanne for the fantastic food. However, there is one group of people that I'd like to thank most of all: THE PLAYERS!
Holy crap, I almost peed when I saw everybody. I realize that people probably knew that a lot of folks on the staff care about costumes, but I honestly did not expect to see a costume on every single player, let alone such incredible costumes on every single player! I also was blown away by the things people did to get into character, like the accents.
Also, the quality of play seemed to be at an excellent level. People took what they were given and ran with it. Everyone accomplished more than we could have anticipated, in creative and entertaining ways. I'd like to go on with my favorite stories, but that would take too long.
Also, we really, really, really appreciate how everyone helped clean up at the end of the night. We got out of the space with only 10 minutes to spare, and couldn't have done it without you.

I forgot to bring my own camera to the game, so if you have pictures, I want to see them!

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[User Picture]From: xleste
2004-02-02 08:00 pm (UTC)


I'm really touched that you really feel we did justice to all the work y'all put into it. :) Everyone totally DID look amazing! I was so thrilled. :) And costuming for this was FUN!! I was originally going to wear my wedding gown, but I'm glad I found something that seemed to fit my character much better with more of the late 1800s silhoutte... And it's the first game I ever felt brave enough to try an accent with, which I felt totally supported by the other players with and not stupid, as I feared. :)
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[User Picture]From: tamago
2004-02-02 07:33 pm (UTC)


Chrisber has put pictures up here: http://goblinrevolution.org/~chrisber/larp/biw/

Susannah, can you forward to the game list?
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[User Picture]From: tamago
2004-02-03 01:55 pm (UTC)

Re: Pictures

Thank you! *hug*
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